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All your games, together.

PlayTracker grabs data from all your linked platforms and displays all your games, achievements, playtime, and other available stats in one place.

Connect your Steam, PlayStation Network, XBOX Live, Origin, GOG, Overwatch, and Guild Wars 2 accounts with more to come in the future.

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Level up. Show off.

Achievements and gamerscore from all of your platforms contribute to your overall level.

Leveling up and perfecting games unlocks new customization options for your profile.

Gaming trophy by Denis Horvat

Powered by PlayTracker

Coming soon

Backlog dungeon by Denis Horvat

The Backlog Dungeon

Explore the backlog dungeon, a randomly generated adventure that encourages you to clear your backlog and earn achievements.

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Local Coop Parties

Create a party, add your friends, and share achievements you've earned in local coop with the buddies that played with you.

More Customization

Make your profile even better with custom cards for any game in your library, additional platforms to pull from, and more cosmetic options.